Allegiant Stadium

Retail & Merchandising Opportunities "Packaged Play"

Are you a true multitasker with the ability to welcome fans into our store with enthusiasm and expertise? Do you think you can drive sales by recommending, selecting, and locating merchandise that will excite our customers? Our fans look to us to help them choose the authentic gear and merchandise that best suites them.

We’re hiring Register, Support, Floor, Warehouse and Managerial Team Members to join us! Do you have the positive energy it takes to be a successful Retail and Merchandising Team Member at Allegiant Stadium? The application consists of written and video responses, so please be prepared. You’ll be able to review and redo your submission as many times as you need.

Please be aware that it is a minimum requirement that you be at least 18 years of age to be eligible for hire for all positions at the Allegiant Stadium.